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October 22, 2012
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You were walking down the sidewalk with your Norwegian friend Lukas. You guys just came back from a movie. You guys discussed your favorite parts.
"Oh like the time he smashed pudding on the girls face on accident?" you said laughing
"Yeah…" he had said with such a plain expressionless face.
"Hey is something wrong?" You asked
"It's nothing…"
It hurt you to see that he was upset even though he didn't show it… You didn't want to disturb him so then you carried on. Every day you tried to get closer to him because you had a huge crush on him ever since! Day by day he grew sadder.
~time skip -^^- ~
You went to the Nordic five's house. When you knocked on the door you saw a pretty girl. Prettier than anybody!
"Who are you?" She said in a snobby tone.
You despised people like that.
"I'm someone who is about to smash your fac-" you were cut off by someone…
"Let her in honey she is a friend!!" you recognized that voice. After you were let in you saw…. Him Lukas…
"Hey _______!!! How are you doing?" he said finally this was the first time you saw him do one thing you always wanted him to do or tried to do it with your charm… Smile…
then you heard a loud "Ahem" in the room
"Oh ____! This is Sue! My girlfriend!" he said with a wide smile on his face then she kissed his lips.
That shattered your heart into a million pieces. But you forced yourself to give a sweet smile.
"Congrats! I'm happy to see you happy!"
You ran and then bumped into Emil… Lukas's brother.
"Hello ____! Did you hear the news Lukas finally got a girlfriend! I have never seen… him…. this… happy?" he looked at you noticing you were crying. "What's wrong ____?"
"It's just that I have had a crush on Luh-Lukas for so long and I have been trying my hardest to make him smile. Then he me-met a girl he probably met for a little bit and smiled around her and showed her love!!!" Emil looked at you with concerned eyes.
"I'll talk to Lukas when she is gone." He said smiling.
"No if he is happy like that he should never know or else he will not smile like he did with her!" You said as if someone stabbed you throat.
"Oh… okay… Well I have to go" he said then left.
~time skip~
Every day you support Lukas and His new girlfriend. He hasn't spoken to you since you met his girlfriend because they spent almost every day and night together. You wanted to cry. Then finally one day…
"Hey!!! ______!!!"
You looked up to see who it was. It was the guy you loved dearly, Lukas.
"Emil has given me the cold shoulder ever since he said he say you leave the house… Did you guys discuss something to make him hate me?" He said calmly
"It's none of your bloody business!" You said rudely
"First Emil then Timo, Berwald, and Matthias and now you too? Does everybody hate my girlfriend or something? Hey!! _____! How do you feel?" He said with worry.
Then he noticed a tear shed down your face.
"____..." he looked at you with concern.
"Your asking how I feel? Now of all times in the past?! Lukas you idiot I hate you! I have tried all my life to make you smile! Then I when I came over to tell you how I feel you found somebody that everybody rarely knows and went out with her, kissed her, and… worst of all… smiled for her! You couldn't even find out what true love is even if it hit you on the head! She was mean to your people your kind behind your back! So I avoided you so I won't burst out and tell you that I fucking love you without getting hurt by your stupid girlfriend! If you wanted a girlfriend to make you happy why don't you actually notice that I loved you since we were 10!"
You expressed all your feelings out. You felt so horrible after saying that you wanted to die…
"____.... I'm so-" he was cut off by you.
"I never want to see your face again Lukas!!! So date that frigging bloody bastard! But she ever hurts you don't you dare come crying to me when you want a girlfriend so badly! I'm just going to date someone better then you!" You said with such rudeness. You ran away as Lukas was about to reach out to you but he stopped and pull his arm back.
~time skip~
You were now dating someone different for once someone kinder and notices you even more the only thing was that when you visited him you had to see Lukas. The only reason that was because the person you were dating was… his brother Emil.
Currently Lukas found out that Sue was using him to make her ex-boyfriend 'Daiko' show more love. He was devastated thinking that he should've asked _____ out. But it was too late… you came to sleep with Emil tonight so you stayed over but everybody left the house because they knew what you guys were planning except for Lukas… He was too upset to move…
~Time skip~
(this part has the lemons link is below)
You and Emil were sitting together on the couch.  Emil had a slight blush on his face.
"What's wrong my hun bun?" you said
"N-nothing!" he said then he kissed you as he slipped something into your mouth.
You opened your mouth to see what it was. You looked at it so happily… you found a ring.
"______? Will you marry me?" Emil said with a red face.
"Emil! I will." You threw your arms around his neck and hugged him.
You guys got married happily Lukas was still sad and never got over you.
i only own the story! i had a crush on norway since i was 10 because a guy introduced me to him and i sorta had a crush on iceland but something tragic happened my friend who roleplayed as norway got a girl friend and i wasnt in love with norway i was in love with him. so i made a story for u guys enjoy
1000 words ;)
there is a link for lemons coming soon
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